Corporate Social Responsibility
Supporting in giving back to the Society
Give Little, Make a Big Difference

Teksun- Suryabala Seva Sansthan Partnership

Teksun has partnered with Suryabala Seva Sansthan, an NGO that serve the society to educate the underprivileged children, public healthcare and environment protection. For children belonging to the weaker economic sections of society, sponsoring education is a good decision taken by Suryabala Seva Sansthan. Aside from education they also promote blood donation and create awareness of eye donation, encourage citizens to contribute in environment protection through creating a green belt within the cities.

Committed to Work for Good Cause

Many organizations donate a portion of their income to a charitable cause, while others a one-for-one model, and some assign a few work hours every week for employees to volunteer. Somebody said so true “Good Business Involves Good Karma ” and this what follows by TekMates. Teksun has taken a step to work for good cause, they decided to squeeze more time out of their hectic schedules by donating blood to support thalassemia major patients on the world thalassemia day.
Life At Teksun

Tekmates know the true sense of “Joy of Giving”