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Atari Pong Coffee Table Game is Back at CES 2018 Las Vegas

Atari Pong Coffee Table Game is Back at CES 2018

Crowds rushed to the CES Unveiled show floor in front of the current year’s CES 2018 to get a look at the coolest new innovative technology products available. This year, Internet of Things items (IoT), Robotics, AI, VR, wearable and mechanical gadgets were the primary fascination at big tech trade show in Las Vegas.

At CES 2018, Atari has shown a table variant of Pong that uses physical and digital components to reproduce the classic game. Everything began in 1972 with the arrival of one of the main video arcade fun game by amazing arcade producer Atari – Pong video arcade game.

Pong is one of the most traditionally important games forever made, yet current gaming fans may think that it’s difficult to play the game for over 10 minutes without acknowledging there is a world of better entertainment choices available. It would take a remarkable accomplishment to carry Pong into the advanced age in a way that really enthuses people.

The Atari PONG table is a playable, existent life, a mechanical tribute to one of the first video games ever made. The Pong Coffee table is an analog form of the main game utilizing electromagnets and physics to play the notorious game. This is electromechanical and isn’t just enjoyable to observe yet amusing to play.

At CES 2018, Teksun expert got a chance to play Atari Pong coffee table game and enjoy with lots of fun. Watch Video with Super Fun!

Atari Pong coffee table system useful features:

  • Electric motors, rails, pulleys, and magnets to drive foam pieces underneath a layer of glass.
  • To control their movement, just turn the sensitivity
  • Hook up your mobile or connect to Bluetooth to stream music through the table itself.
  • Atari exhibited off an innovative coffee table-style Bluetooth version of its classic Pong game, which can be played 1-on-1 or against an Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Atari upgrade their 70s Atari classic Pong game in CES 2018. In this consumer electronics show, Atari presented new Pong game which brings the back to front process, from digital to physical, to the table.

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