11 Oct: IoT Drives High productivity in Large Organizations

Internet of things (IoT) is buzzword since the 90s. It’s a platform which connects everyday things together in an array of the network. The interconnection of the things you have in your office or home get connected flawlessly to the internet and communicate with each other for higher productivity, savings, and easier management.


11 Oct: Indispensable Features to Look in Wearable Device Apps

Wearable Technology is most popular amongst fitness buffs and also who are looking for the technology hands-free beyond the responding the phone calls. As the Internet is booming with Bluetooth connectivity, the smart wearable devices give the flexibility to the users to do the every task without using the Smart Phones.


09 Oct: How Mobile Technology is Determining Marketing?

The worldwide Internet user penetration has surpassed half the world’s population. The average time spent accessing Online content from a mobile device such as wearable or tablet computer is increasing among Millennial.Gone those days when marketing was only limited to magazines, newspapers, cold calling, door-to-door marketing.