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Cognitive Technology – Best Opportunities for Business

Cognitive Technologies

The computer systems cannot think. But significantly, they could do things only persons were able to do. It is now possible to automate tasks that need human perceptual abilities, such as for example, recognizing handwriting or identifying faces and those that need cognitive expertise, such as planning, reasoning from the partial or uncertain information and learning. Technologies to make machines be able to do tasks which traditionally assumed to require human intelligence, are called cognitive technologies.

An item of the field of research referred to as artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies have already been evolving over decades. Businesses are having a new look at them because some have improved dramatically in recent years with impressive gains in various area such as robotics, natural language processing, speech recognition, and computer vision and many others.

As cognitive technologies enhance the power of information technology to do task usually performed by humans, they have the possibility to enable organizations to break normal trade-offs between speed, price, and quality.

Over the next few years, we imagine the effect of cognitive technologies on organizations to grow significantly. Company owner in all sectors needs to know how and where to invest in applying cognitive technologies.

How useful are cognitive technologies in organizations?

Many organizations are having a big question, how are cognitive technologies being used in organizations today? The best answer is there are lots of industry sectors recently implemented and conducted applications of cognitive technologies. Here are some of the industry sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace and defence
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Consumer products
  • Health care
  • Life sciences
  • Media and entertainment
  • Oil and gas, power and utilities,
  • Real estate, retail, technology, and travel
  • Hospitality, and leisure

Cognitive Applications are used in Research & Development sectors, industrial, logistics, sales, marketing, and consumer service.

We research about application of cognitive technologies categorize in three types:

  • Products
  • Process
  • Awareness

We search each application type below.

Products and services use Cognitive Technologies

Today, many organizations need effective, convenient, safer, faster, distinctive and more valuable products & services. Organizations can embed cognitive technologies to improve the value of their products or services by making them more effective.

Automation Processes with Cognitive Technologies

Another kind of cognitive technology applied is automation. By automation we mean using computer systems to accomplish work that individuals used to do. The result is that the task gets done faster, cheaper, better or some combination of the three. Automation is commonly internally focused; the organization that implements it, as opposed to customers is commonly the primary beneficiary, generally through cost savings or more efficient utilization of resources.

Awareness: Cognitive technologies learning from information

The third type of cognitive technology application is creating awareness. Natural language processing methods, for instance, allow it to be possible to analyse huge volumes of unstructured textual information that’s not yielded to other techniques. Machine learning can draw conclusions from large, difficult data sets and make high-quality estimates from operational data. Many organizations are using cognitive technologies to create awareness that will help reduce costs, increase efficiency, raise incomes, improve effectiveness or expand consumer service.

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