Company Code of Ethics

Company Code of Ethics

For us commitment to our clients very seriously, that is why we’ve developed this code of Ethics outlining the level of service you can expect while doing business with us. Our company code of Ethics addresses ethical conduct in our work environment, business practices and relationships with external stakeholders.

In an effort to create a smooth and productive working relationship with every client,Teksun pledges:

Customer Satisfaction: We consider the customer as someone we deal with. Thus, our stakeholders, employees and our clients are all our customers. Teksun is our dream of creating the exceptionally pleasing customer experience.

Innovative Engineering Solutions: We use our creative engineering along with advanced product technology to create solutions that solve industry’s and client’s requirement. Hence we are known as innovative engineering business solutions.

High Moral and Ethics: In order to keep our company running smoothly and remains profitable we follow high moral and ethics. We have our own values and ethics which we follow after hiring an employee, or many times, during the interview process.

Win-Win Situation: At Teksun, We believe understanding and fulfilling the proper requirements of end users that helps us to provide a win-win situation for our clients and for us. We always love to work in a collaborative method with customers.

Contribute to Society: We provide the power of Smart technology, enabling everyone to improve their lives, build societies and secure a better future for all. We bring new services and products that stimulate progress, change and improvement.

Commitment to a great product and service: Teksun meets or exceeds the expectation and requirements of our consumers by offering the best value in products and services through continual enhancement.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us