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Hadoop: Perfect for Big Data Management


Today’s ultra-connected world is creating the huge amount of data at an ever-accelerating rate. This colossal data covers both structured and non-structured data and is broadly known as Big Data. Owing to the power that this data possesses, big data analytics has become a highly powerful tool for the businesses finding to leverage the details traced from it to obtained competitive benefit over their counterparts.

Big Data analytics assist in collecting valuable information which can help in better decision making, designing customized marketing campaigns for consumers and improve the customer service. In this Era of big data, organizations require a cost effective system which can assist in processing the huge data in a faster and efficient way and Hadoop is an open-source ecosystem that supports big data processing in an effective method.

What is Hadoop?

Many consider Hadoop as a NoSQL database, but it, in fact, it is an open source software based ecosystem, that allows distributed and parallel processing on Big Data on a huge scale across the clusters of a computer by implementing the easy programming models. Hadoop can easily scale from a single computer system to the thousands of commodity systems which provide local storage and compute power.

Hadoop includes different modules which work together for generating the Hadoop framework and delivering the computing services. These modules covers:

  •  HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

  •  Hadoop Yarn

  •  Hadoop Common

  •  Hadoop Map Reduce.        

As said already modules includes the core of Hadoop, but there are many other modules which include the Hadoop. These are Hive, Flume, Sqoop, Oozie, Cassandra, Ambari and Avro. These extra modules improve the computing and data processing abilities of Hadoop.

Owing to the ease of use and benefits, Hadoop is being broadly used globally by the organizations for the big data processing and carrying out big data analytics. In fact, many experts consider Hadoop as a de facto standard for the big data applications.

How is Hadoop an ideal for Big Data Management?

The exponential growth of Big Data shows there are no signs of slowing down in the near future. Innovations such as Hadoop and NoSQL Databases are playing a key role in the Big Data Management. Enterprises, across the worldwide, are investing heavily in these innovations and are leveraging big data for driving competitive benefit. Hadoop is considered as an ideal system for the big data management. The superior characteristics of Hadoop, which make it perfect for the big data environment are:


Hadoop, being an excellent storage platform provides extraordinary scalability. The Hadoop is designed in such way that it can provide big storage to colossal data sets with thousands of individual nodes. These facilitate parallel processing while showing data at substantially high speed. One of the best features of the Hadoop is that it can be scaled easily up for obliging data sets of any size. This can be further enhanced to hold over a thousand terabytes of information. This is a key benefit over the conventional relational database software.

Cost Efficiency

Hadoop is extremely cost efficient as compared with relational database systems, Hadoop is very cost efficient. Furthermore, the endless scalability of the Hadoop enables you to store as much data as you need without any limitation and at considerably lower costs.

Definitely, Hadoop presents a certain technique for big data handling and management. It is capable ecosystem and features rich which is perfect for saving, retrieving and processing big data. Data access is much faster and it can be streamed easily in the real time with Hadoop. Moreover, Hadoop proves itself to be far more cost-efficient as compared with cost-efficient than any other relational database system.


Hadoop enables you to access many types and sources of data consist both unstructured and structured data. In this way, businesses can collect and leverage data easily from an array of sources like social media, clickstreams and email conversations. A supplement to this, Hadoop ecosystem can be used for processing, warehousing data, logs and analyzing an organizations campaigns.

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