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Industries Using Cognitive Computing: Will it Change The World as We Know it ?


At the beginning of every year we get a chance to look at how you work with fresh set of eyes and bring new ideas to the table. Cognitive computing platforms gained lots of attention in last year i.e. 2016 but their use across various industries is set to really take-off in the year 2017. Leading the charge is IBM Watson, with its power to change how we trade with and solution greater insights from data.

On a personal level, you can rapidly get the information you required to make the most effective decisions and obtain greater results. While on larger scale, this example shift in data use is dazzling a new path forward for companies to reversal how they work.

Here’s a summary of how cognitive computing is helping change six various industries.


The average age of the US utility worker is 50. In New Zealand, one of the leading gas providers says its average workforce age is 55. This shows a crucial challenge in guarantee there isn’t a knowledge gap once these persons retire. To solve this, Watson is being filled with structured and unstructured data to scale the knowledge of experienced engineers. Now other workers can ask Watson a query and have the most successful courses of action offered to them immediately.


By examine consumer activity, including social media activity, past claims and products insured through Watson, insurers can serve up customized providing to consumers in their preferable media at their desirable time. With Watson you can also assistance in recovery at-risk consumers before they leave and distinguishing possible cases of insurance fraud. Around 98% of insurers say cognitive computing will play an unusual role in the industry.


Large retailers are bending to Watson to assist them improve the shopping experience for consumers. One of the major North American merchant has present a mobile app powered by Watson where users can either say or type what they are looking to purchase.

The app will then start asking question such as, who the product is for, their age, the scenario it will be used in and also the duration of the year it will be used. From these answers, the app will crunch the data, explain the particular client requirements and exhibits the top five products from a possible list of hundreds.

Law Enforcement

Identifying the illegitimate proceeds of criminal activity needs law enforcement to exploit over huge amounts of structured and unstructured data. Previously, professional investigators would spend much time grooving through emails, spreadsheets and social media posts. Now, government are using Watson to swiftly exploit the data, allowing them to rapidly detect uncover essential information and illicit assets surrounding criminal activity.


Watson has been incorporated into an Online student portal at a university to give answers to questions on a range of topics, whenever students require them. Some of the queries it can offer solutions to relate to courses, admissions, tuition and fees, financial support, extracurricular skills development, placement, job skills assessment and academic help. After some time, every student who asks Watson a question can evaluate personalized advice and tailored information based on their respective profile.

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