Agritech Industry and Smart Farming solutions Agritech Automated And Connected Farming For a Better Future Of Every Generation

Optimize Resources and Increase Productivity

The advent of technology has served various sectors in attaining profitability. One such area is agriculture. Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) into agriculture has emerged in terms of smart farming. We leverage the latest technology to improve yields and while reducing the labor at the same time.


Our Smart Farming solutions provide comprehensive information in all the spectrums of agriculture. It will serve to give insights and stats about crops. We use advanced technology that helps to boost the quantity and quality of agricultural products. Teksun’s development team has brought forth top-notch solutions for the Agritech industry. We have developed smart devices that measure and examine various parameters to ensure the needed supply of water and nutrients to crops. We have built Smart Farming solutions to manage agriculture-oriented businesses and farming efficiently.


Farm Health Analysis
Smart Farming Solutions
Crop Health Analysis
Remote Crop Monitoring
Smart Irrigation
Smart Greenhouse
Container Farming Automation

Why Hire us?

We have developed smart farming solutions that provide real-time soil parameters to farmers with analytics to understand soil behavior.
Assisting to overcome the technological gap between today’s trending technology – IoT and Agriculture.
User-friendly farming solutions with easy customizations as per the customer requirements and preferences. 
Innovation towards an ecosystem where a farmer can connect and share information with fellow farmers.
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