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Recognized Home Automation Solutions

Teksun is popular for developing home automation system which provides you the unique brand experience. We are known for the “Top app developer” for the home automation industry. We bring you Home automation system that dream can now become a reality. No matter where you may be, our home automation systems give you the facility to log in to your PC, iPad, iPhone and other smart phones devices.


With the advance technology in this sector as well as augmentative automation, there has been an huge requirement of people who are able of holding specialized trade in the Home automation industry. Our home automation system helps to control the common appliance of office, home or sometimes a commercial setting such as HVAC equipment, lights, sprinklers, access control, and other devices.

Home Automation Solutions


Complete Home Automation ( IoT )
Automated climate, Internet of Things (IoT)
Home automation management, embedded software,
Data intelligence,
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP),
automated lighting
Automated security
Automated irrigation.

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Comprehensive industry experience
A broad footprint
Automation Ushers in efficiencies
Deliver innovative, reliable and scalable solutions
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