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Teksun wearable services help converting market’s needs into reality. Our services include interactive devices and application ranging from microphone to health care and industry solutions. We integrate virtual reality, artificial intelligence, medical engineering and augmented knowledge.

Some of the concerns we care about are privacy, safety, accuracy, data storage, and interoperability issues. Wearables is ever changing field and our team is able to develop innovative wearable products with experience and great skills.

Delivering cutting-edge Solutions

Now day’s wearable devices like smart watches are not only for delivering cutting edge features but also developing the new trendy statement. With the increasing demand for wearable devices heading northwards, it makes sense for your business to develop devices for them. So, are you ready to leverage the gigantic potential of these devices for planned business growth? If the answer is yes, Teksun is the company you must invite them.


Teksun known for creating successful custom wearable apps for fitness trackers, lifestyle, and smart watches; we go what it takes to create useful wearable apps. Teksun provides manufactures the best opportunity to build smarter solutions and gives boundless chooses for developing technology by integrating intelligent manufacturing methods .  Teksun is in the ahead of designing and manufacturing wearable devices globally that support brand new abilities in solid form factors.

Why Hire us?

Teksun is intended to assist IT leaders and business understands first-hand the near-term profit of implementing leading-edge technology by building an effective proof-of-concept app and an actionable plan to begin providing value for your organization.
Our approaches will assist you visualize, describe, and prioritize wearable technology prospects as well as recognize and lessen any risks.
We provide services and solutions interactive devices and application ranging from the microphone to industry solutions.
We leverage our experience in wearable technology for enhanced connectivity in fast expanding open ecosystem.


Internal Positioning Systems
Smart Watch.
Sensors & Actuators
Assets Tracking
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