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How Mobile Technology is Determining Marketing?


The worldwide Internet user penetration has surpassed half the world’s population. The average time spent accessing Online content from a mobile device such as wearable or tablet computer is increasing among Millennial.

Gone those days when marketing was only limited to magazines, newspapers, cold calling, door-to-door marketing. Though these techniques still exist, mobile technology has changed the face of the marketing industry.

Considering the increasing times spend on mobile phones, there is place of marketing which has been changed by digital are the relevance, speed and campaigns reach.

New Era of Virtual, Augmented and Beacon Technology

Mobile marketing is all prepared to take to the next level with rising technologies like Virtual, Augmented and Beacon among others. These technologies will redefine customization and generate different digital, virtual and digital experiences. Many mobile app development companies are providing particularly mobile app development services leveraging rising technologies to redefine marketing.

Beacons: Taking Personalization to the Next Level

Particularly for marketers, beacons enable more fine targeting of consumers in a given location. A consumers method a cosmetics calculator in a section store can get notifications from beacon installed about information or promotions generally to commodity showed.

Beacon Marketing provides companies interesting and unique methods to engage with consumers. It’s interesting to note that beacon technology can provide interesting methods to engage with consumers.

The study says that customer is ready to use a mobile device as a means to get an incorporated shopping experience. Beacon marketing is assisting marketers to reach out to an audience by generating an extremely personalized experience such as sending most recommended products or sending discounts and much more.

Beacons are also useful for promotions at an exhibition and live events to next level with features such as exhibitor maps, information and more. Event managers can also

Beacons also take promotions at live events and exhibition to next level with features such as exhibitor information, maps and more. Event organizers can also acquire real-time information during events for actionable insights.

Marketing and Augmented Reality: Bridge the Gap between Real World and Online

Although still in emerging phase, marketers are taking benefits of Augmented Reality to add a different view to marketing. Augmented Reality is now going mainstream with the success of Pokemon Go and now becoming preferred highly among the customers.

Agencies and Marketers are eager to use augmented reality with their audiences. For instance, Augmented Reality is being used to connect with an end user. Such apps use image-recognition technology which identified top digital layer on the print catalog. Users could scan catalog pages with a plus sign using their smart devices and phones. This enables users to established products or places virtual furniture in homes to find a practical use of furniture in a house.

One more example of using Augmented Reality is when NHS launched augmented reality billboard campaign to display blood donations importance. This unique campaign gives facility of filling virtually a blood bag on leading ad screens in both London and Birmingham. To thanks, participant they displayed a message “seeing the power of a blood donation” and requests participants to register as donors.”

Growth of ChatBots

A chatbot is a computer programmer who is imitator intelligence conversations with humans. The main objective is not just searching for information, instead of getting answers to questions from chatbots.

Big brands such as Uber, Kik, and Sephora are using chatbots effectively to communicate with customers and drive engagement. Now chatbots are becoming an innovative marketing tool for many brands.

For Marketing, Strategy engagement is a cornerstone. A chatbot offers “humanized” method for a brand to engage with customers.


The mobile technology popularity among marketers is assisting brands to understand user behavior, improve customer loyalty and collect data about their consumers to become more aware of digital world and make informed decisions.

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