Defining New Limits in Algorithm Design Processing

Teksun use heuristics that initiate matchless performance, and a best hardware productivity. The implementation of algorithm is performed using fixed-point modeling and deploying fixed point data types.

We at Teksun provide the most effective use to processor and FPGA based wide bandwidth designs and largely optimized implementations. Decrease development effort, fault densities and time-to-market.


Teksun with its robust technology in algorithm development services supports challenging programs and other needs with adapted deliverable.  We focus on complex aerospace segments. We provide algorithm development services such as Digital Signal Processing, Differential equation, Error correction, Artificial Intelligence and Differential equation. Apart from this we provide the solutions such as algorithm simulations, system modeling, system analysis, fine tuning, field data analysis and data processing.

Algorithm Design

Real-Time Implementation of Algorithms

Why Choose us for Algorithm Design?

Our algorithm development services have a huge impact in functionality and performance that needs a functional edge. Using the latest algorithm simulation technologies and tools, Teksun offers an inclusive spectrum of pioneering solutions, many of which have been organized with definite success in communication and aerospace applications. Once requirements of algorithm are defined through high level model based simulation using strong synthesis tools.

Instantiate complex algorithms and analytics and use to target settings in a scalable way.

We provide help in the appropriate capture of requirements, planning, design, implementation, testing deployment of intricate signal processing applications.

Teksun make an initial plan and processes for the successful use of complex signal processing algorithms.

Working with a Teksun offer you to access a pool of reliable knowledge on the computer science and latest mathematical technology breakthroughs.

Algorithm Design

Our Offering

Radar Signal Processing

Audio and Video processing

Tacking Radars, Wind Profiles, Surveillance Radars and Weather Radars

Numerical Methods

Electronics Warfare

Sensor Fusion

Image Processing – Thermal imaging and Optical Imaging

Wide band and Narrow band signal analysis and complex waveform generation

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