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Teksun team of expert engineers uses its industry leading knowledge and experience to serve our clients in wide range of projects and diverse high-tech industrial applications. We are well-versed in all aspects of Analog Design.

Teksun engineers also have decades of experience. Coupling this experience with advanced engineering tools offers the base to develop your next projects and delivering it on time and within budget.


Analog design is the art of the mathematically inquisitive who can maintain themselves continuously in front of an oscilloscope. With the analog design services, we build the best and advanced custom low power as well as a high speed analog designs for numerous tasks such as automotive, metering, health, scientific and military applications. At Teksun, our experienced team have put us at the forefront of applying emerging technologies.

Analog Design Services

Specialize in delivering Fabless Analog Design to customers globally

Why Choose us for Analog Design?

Teksun Tech’s team of specialist engineers uses their industry skill to serve our clients in a wide range of industries. We are known for electrical design services such as digital, analog circuit, mixed signal and RF & wireless design to assure the comprehensive and efficient of achievement faster new product development. We at Teksun is also able to work with classic BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Bluetooth.

We have executed applications that need high channel count, synchronized integration, anti aliasing over the network.

We design architectures that make it easy to integrate large arrays of actuators and sensors.

We are known for designing high-quality products, which assist in performing their job more effectively and accurately.

Teksun has working experience of DAP (Data Acquisition Process) boards, each with a memory, onboard processor and multitasking dedicated, real-time operating system.

Analog Design Services

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Filter Design

Analog Sensor Interfacing

Device Protection

Auto Gain Correction

Analog Signal Generation

TINA based Simulation

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Teksun is known for their world class designing of analog, embedded system and programmable devices, we’ll be able to figure out what your requirements and where you can do well with your competitors. To know more about our services contact us or email us.