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Embedded software solutions implemented by Teksun are used widely in industrial automation, measuring equipment, mobile electronics and telecommunication. Teksun provides the implementation of highly efficient software migration and multi-platform solutions from a range of software platforms.

Teksun offers tailor-made embedded software solutions to assist client meet tight project schedules. The solutions range from Android based embedded to Linux for standard and customized systems and boards.


Embedded software is a technology field that needs expert’s knowledge of skills, focus and domain. Today hardware is becoming smaller and faster because of speedy technological development and so, there is always a requirement of robust, innovative, reliable and secure software solutions to fulfill the same. We at Teksun deliver complete solutions, backed by a huge experience in building and assisting clients located globally.

Embedded Software

Renowned Embedded Software Solutions Provider

Why Choose us for Embedded Software?

Our clients include some of the highest and largest growing semiconductor companies. We believe in focusing and a well-established team working on the most complicated and leading edge technologies for our clients. We are having highly experienced and skilled team of engineers for embedded software development. We have software engineering team possesses significant experience in solution development for all advanced operating systems both UNIX and windows and also real time OS.

Teksun integrates the latest platforms, chips, system and application software development.

Our solutions are compliant with international certifications and standards.

At Teksun, our ultimate goal is to provide the provision of a complete arsenal of embedded tools.

Apart from this we also provide hardware design and assembly services in embedded solutions.

Embedded Software

Our Offering

Product re-engineering

System architecture design for the product

Hardware-software design partition Schematic design

PCB Layout design

Firmware design and developments

PCB manufacturing

PCB assembly

Prototype build-up and bring-up testing

Product integration and functionality testing

Product manufacturing / Turnkey solutions

Product certification (CE/FCC/IEC and others)

Technical documentation

We are keen to discuss with you a complete embedded software solution process which will be helpful for an informed decision. Let us have a conversation with you since we believe in improving your business with better products in timely support and services.