Harnessing the processing of HorsePower with Our MCU/MPU/ DSP Services

Teksun assists client to build smarter applications with the industry’s huge preference in the shortest time frame and with the best technical backup- sources. We provide these services to help increase your imaging performance with our reticles.

Having worked with renowned suppliers over many years, Teksun is known to be an expert in the sectors of MCU, MPU, DSP Services. With us, you will get the guidance you to choose the right processor for delivering that breakthrough performance.

MCU MPU DSP Services


At the core of every development, the best fitting processor is vital and decides the success of every design. The perfect choice of performance and matching aspects shows a particular challenge. So where better to begin than the developer’s experts of MCU/MPU/ DSP products? With the most inclusive line card in the industry, Teksun offers technical support for 8 bit through to 64 bit, with the advance multi-core technologies.

Teksun takes prides in delivering pioneering solution

Why Choose us for MCU/MPU/ DSP Services?

We also identify the unrivalled of software partners, an ecosystem of design and strong collaboration with ARM processor technology offers one of the most developed, technically latest building blocks for the embedded designs. Our team is having the experience of working with industry standard vendors like Atmel, Microchip, TI, Freescale, ST, Toshiba, Redpine, Renesas and others. We have worked with many DSP for Image and video processing. Our team has also working experience with Broadcom, Freescale and TI media SoCs.

Teksun provides complete MCU/MPU/DSP design based services from specifications to prototype to manufacturing.

Teksun provides supple, highly integrated ARM-based MCUs are designed to optimize system control, user interface management, and user-friendly.

Teksun also works with an international network of partners to provide added hardware and software solutions for these devices.

To optimize and simplify the embedded design process Teksun has developed a robust ecosystem around MCU/MPU/DSP. This allows you to complete your projects easily and quickly get new products to market.

MCU MPU DSP Services

Our Offerings

Development of Wired and Wireless Stacks

Boot code development

Firmware and diagnostics routines

Development of Board Support Packages and Device Drivers

Enhancement of BSP software for specific boards

Customized API development for specific customer needs

Enhancement of BSP software for specific boards

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