Delivering Mechanical & Industrial Design Solutions From Concept to Production

Equipped with world class industry experience and technology tools, our Mechanical and Industry Design team allows customers to make informed design decisions & bring successfully your conceptual ideas to life.

Teksun is specializing in  Mechanical and Industry Design. We have strong relationships with companies, whether it’s small or large we help them in their crucial projects get where they need to be.


Teksun’s mechanical engineering and industrial design services offer clients with advanced design and end- to end product results. We provide expertise and cost- effective to customers from several industries that assist them to build new pioneering products on spec and time. We can increase competencies and considerably decrease designing time.  Teksun leverages decades of experience and strong domain knowledge in various industry verticals.

Mechanical & Industrial Design

Holistic Mechanical & Industrial Design Solution Provider

Why Choose us for Mechanical & Industrial Design?

Teksun is having experience in mechanical and industrial design experience in several products categories such as medical devices, consumer products, communication products, portal wireless devices and computer peripherals. From project inception through production releases, we augment and bolster team can work on parallel projects to help deliver robust solutions. Offering best-in-class technical team, our wide industry experience delivers best solutions to help you get there.

Broad knowledge in global products launches across various industries at affordable costs and fewer cycle times using methodologies such as reliability engineering, six sigma, and value engineering.

Our knowledge in electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, and mechatronics allows us to offer complete system and subsystem level designs.

Our engineers are experienced in the virtual validation of designs, detail designing and developing engineering drawing assure the designs are set for manufacture. We can assist you in taking your products to the market faster.

Our domain specialist with broad product knowledge and understanding of rules make sure the design fulfils with district agreement principles.

Mechanical & Industrial Design

Our Offerings

Mechanical requirements development

Seamless integration of electronics design, PCB layout, and industrial design

Product Design & Drafting

Product Life-cycle Management

Rapid Prototyping

Reverse Engineering

Cable and connector design

Photo-realistic product visualization

Part procurement specifications

Testing and design verification

Process development, control, and improvement

Take your business to the next level with Teksun world class integrated mechanical engineering and industrial design. We will assist to take your products to the market faster. To know more contact us or email us.