Enclosure Manufacturing With Whole new level of Speed & Convenience

Teksun is known for manufacturing facilities we are able to produce enclosures manufacturing quickly and with precision in a simple process which will offer you with exactly what you need with the minimum of fuss.

We provide Enclosure manufacturing services in order to protect them from damage, contaminants, and interference. They are a standard component in most manufacturing and industrial settings because of the sensitive nature of electrical systems and wiring.

Enclosure Manufacturing


Teksun is a leading enclosure manufacturer for the industrial and electronics industry, among others.We both manufacture and retail respective high quality and customize standardized enclosures. We offer a huge range of industrial and electronics enclosures. We provide industry’s most up-to-date and comprehensive electronic enclosure. Our enclosure is customized to assist a customer to overcome functional challenges and follow with regulation.

10+ years of Experience in Enclosure Manufacturing

Why Choose us for Enclosure Manufacturing?

Teksun is a global leader in design, manufacturing & systems integration of complex enclosures for the world’s best known ODMs. At Teksun we build your custom electronic enclosure and provide you the advantage of a “low cost” solution with the quality. We are known for building world-class industrial and manufacturing enclosures.

Teksun has been specializing in custom electronic enclosures for over 10+ years. Our custom CNC machine and made in standard quality guarantee you get an enclosure that is best for your electronic.

Our each engineer will work with you to make changes and render proposal on the type of electronic enclosures perfect for your application.

At Teksun, We have the technology and experience to build an electronic enclosure for your business in weeks, not months.

Unlike other enclosure manufacturers, our custom electronic enclosures are assembled generally for you to get from prototype to product rapidly.

Enclosure Manufacturing

Our Offerings

Custom Rackmount Enclosures

Custom U-shape Enclosures

Custom L-Shape Enclosure

Fully Custom Enclosures

Machined Enclosures

Hybrid Enclosures

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