Harness the power of Our Hardware Group

When your business needs go way beyond ordering parts, Teksun provides a specific set of custom services “Hardware Assembly” . Our services are customized approach and highly flexible to help our clients beat the challenge and acquire their fullest potential.

With a dedicated team of e engineering and manufacturing expertise, we not only develop a product but also design it. We assemble  We assemble parts from industry-leading manufacturers into finished products.  From turnkey production electrical and electronic assemblies, it all about our client needs.


Teksun proven process provides our clients a smooth time-to- market, with a support of confidence to offer from product beginning.  We also use Automated soldering processes which enable us to solder wired components in a reflow oven (through-hole reflow or THR). Additionally, to THT assembly, our electronics manufacturing also uses advanced assembly machines for Hardware Assembly with surface-mounted device (SMD) components featuring component sizes.

Hardware Assembly (SMD, DIP, TH)

Hardware Assembly technology with wired components

Why Choose us for Hardware Assembly?

Teksun uses SMD which is one of the technologies we use to protect assembled Hardware. All of these methods are used to protect the properties and functions of hardware assembly to increase its services live. We also use DIP coating for selective and full coating, This is very easy to implement and is mainly used for the passivation of hybrids and flat modules.

Adapting the advanced technology, we develop the very best products with reliability and ease. Our engineers have a reputation to discover an approach to enhance your devices and products.

The higher component density in the SMD assembly enables for better miniaturization of circuits and assemblies this helps to reduce costs.

Teksun state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing uses the benefit of SMD, THT, and DIP assembly to ensure the best production of your printed circuit board.

At Teksun we have a proven track record of decreasing production schedules from weeks to days.

Hardware Assembly (SMD, DIP, TH)

Our Offerings

Cable / sensor assemblies

Build-to-print applications

Low to High volume production assembly

Wire harness assembly

Circuit board prototyping

Contact us today to know more about the assembly technologies we can use to manufacture your electronics in the best way possible.