Finest Quality in Shortest Possible Time PCB Assembly

Teksun offers you complete PCB Assembly Solutions. We are equipped and organized to handle prototype and small to medium volumes in our manufactory, where we have an automatic production line to offer fast, cost-efficient assembly of  SMT circuit boards.

Our PCB services cover both through-hole(conventional) and SMT(surface mount) assembly capabilities. They range from the first production of prototypes, through to the current manufacture of complex PCBs in low to medium volumes.

PCB & Components


Teksun offers support for all the steps in the manufacturing process and product design including product engineering, PCB Fabrication, assembly and logistics support. We are known for our flexibility and responsive and has been offering global resources paired with local support since our inception. With the use of the latest technologies on SMT assemblies, combined with a professional concern for perfection, allows our production team to acquire a high level of output.

We are Specialist in PCB Assembly

Why Choose us for PCB & Components?


As one of the leading providers of EMS, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a flexible and tailored approach to production. We can perform as an expansion to your own manufacturing facility to suit recurring demand or alternatively, we can assist with initial runs, manufacturing facility and modifications. So, you have access to an entire PCB assembly service when you need it, with the peace of mind and confidence to spread our and enhance your production.

With clients including global companies in sectors such as aerospace, health care, automotive, home automation, wearable and much more our highly trained production team can convert an idea into a fully functional product.

Our integrated quoting, buying, engineering and production control system to give us complete control and visibility over our PCB assembly.

We use several different methodologies to get you exactly what you require for your PCB and its individual components wave soldering, selective soldering, reflow, and hand soldering.

Teksun is experiencing in designing & implementing in various PCB test techniques to make sure products are reliable and tested thoroughly- saving clients time and money reducing field failures.

PCB & Components

Our Offerings

Surface Mount PCB Assemblies

Mixed Technology & Through hole PCB assemblies

Conventional through hole PCB Assembly, manual & auto soldering

Manually placed surface mount component PCB Assembly

Automated surface mount component PCB assembly

Test Fixture design.

Our component technologies and assembly capabilities enables us to undertake a huge range of different projects, just contact us and see what we can do for you.