Expertise Product Assembly

Highly Functional and Reliable, we partner with you in forming particular work instructions and then connect together all of the assemblies and sub assemblies that go into the production of your product.

Teksun is a leading provider of a product assembly services for businesses globally. We have 10+ years of experience offering the services in Product Assembly. With our extended experience and equipment, we’re able to offer you the assemblies services required with quality, speed, and  competitive pricing.

Product Assembly and Development


Teksun is a unique electronic manufacturing company that provides “one-stop” product assembly services, which can include testing and distribution too. Our assembly line can make and assemble complete products on your place, and integrated free-issue components as needed. At Teksun we have many years of experience in the sector product assembly and can offer your company a finished assembly.

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Why Choose us for Product Assembly?

Teksun can adapt a complete finishing package, comprehensive of storage, labeling, and distribution. For many customers, we just are their manufacturing facility, as we manufacture, stock and deliver products on directly on their behalf. Our Set up and facilities are the best fit to repeat batch production with an accent on great service, agreeable results and high-quality standards.

Teksun’s experienced team can have your products assembled and partly sourced in cost efficient and timely manner.

Our comprehensive reach into the global market allows Teksun to source the needed components for your product at a very affordable rate.

Given the flexibility of our organization, Teksun can make the required preparation ensuring we meet your cost and time requirements.

Teksun can help you to procure your components as well as assemble your products enabling you to focus more on product development.

Product Assembly

Our Offerings

Circuit boards and electronics

Electrical wiring and assembly

Packaging and labeling

Testing and inspection

Storage and delivery

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