Committed to Deliver Quality With Our Testing Group

Teksun provides a robust testing solution with our multiple platforms to ensure reliable products. We provide a range of testing services to offer the fullest test and flexible test coverage possible.  In order to ensure the highest quality, we test 100% of the boards on tasks that are tested.

Equipped with facilities of quality testing as it motto Teksun has adopted and declared our quality policy as “ To render profession and reliable services in the field of Quality Testing to the satisfaction of its clients .”


At Teksun, we adopt a quality culture at each level throughout the company and adhere the rule of “Next procedure is our client ” with foolproof mechanism to ensure that each product has been pass out with Quality Control phase  whether it is merchandise development, incoming quality, process quality, final product quality and increase customer incoming quality.


Specialized in Testing QA/QC

Why Choose us for Testing/QA/QC?

Teksun have a well defined, systematic evaluation system to guarantee that standards of quality are constantly being met. This quality scheme has been in use at Teksun since its inception and has been improved over time to comprehend the different disciplines of manufacturing and the ever changing requirements of our ODMs. Teksun follows to a “no tolerance” policy for which we were audited and passed.

Teksun successfully executed projects with our highly sensitive clients based on the discipline we maintain while following to our quality standards.

At Teksun, We have Trainer in-house to ensure all operators are well trained and follow IPC standards.

Our team is trained and retrained in this sector. Daily controls are conducted to make sure that all conserving equipment is fully functional and used when proper.

We follow with the hard electrostatic discharge-prevention plan to get rid of any possible damage caused by static electricity.

Testing Services and Solution

Our Offerings

Flying Probe

Functional Testing

In-Circuit Testing

Corelis Boundary Scan Testing

ICT Fixture and Software Development

BP Microsystems Component Level Programming

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