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Cognitive computing is a conception which includes self-learning systems. These systems includes NLP, AI, Machine Learning and Pattern recognition among some other technologies.

Teksun is leading cognitive services provider with huge industry experience in cognitive technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, text analytics, speech recognition and automation.


With Cognitive services we assist organizations in creating insights to reduce rates, improve productivity, boost income and enhance customer support. We have carefully researched the existing market trends, products and business processes based on which can suggest you the best cognitive solution for your business domain. At Teksun we have experienced in participating cognitive APIs of all the key cognitive service providers.

Machine Learning

Excellent cognitive technologies we use to create intelligent applications

Why Choose us for Cognitive Services?

We will design a fail-proof cognitive approach for you by recognizing your target customers. After that, we will decide where to start and how to execute the proper cognitive service API to move your business. We have developed our cognitive business solutions using speech, language analytics and computer vision.

We provide the cognitive solutions that is not only keen interest among research scientist and technologist but also C-suite managerial and the media.

Teksun promises to enhance, balance or mechanizes a huge range of work actions that today usually carried out by humans, including both knowledge and manual workers.

We also see significant upside with lower services costs, consistency and better quality, higher compliance and improved results through faster and more knowledgeable decisions.

We at Teksun replace repetitive tasks and other work that don’t generate long term value. In other cases, these solutions can increase human capabilities while conserving their single qualities.

Cognitive Technology and Machine Learning

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Microsoft Cognitive Services

IBM Watson Cognitive Services

Amazon Echo App Development

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