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IoT (Internet of Things) & Wearable devices are the latest “buzzword” and impacting each part of our daily lives. We at Teksun, offer solutions & services for IoT and wearable devices in all Industries and Domains.

Being in this domain for several years now, we have proven track record in respective technologies and standards. We are also partnered with companies offer basic building blocks of IoT and Wearable.

IoT & Wearable

Pioneer IoT & Wearable Solutions

Teksun provides the range of pioneering IOT and wearable solutions for various industries are developed with deep customer insights and provide user rapid deployment and development of their solutions with optimized asset utilization and lower costs. For instance, such solutions include motion tracking solutions for automotive, building energy management solutions for enterprises, health monitoring and personnel tracking wearables for customers.

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Why Choose us for IoT and Wearable?

Teksun’s complete service provider which includes customized IOT and wearable solutions, as well as all components of the solution and end-to-end development services such as devices with wireless radios, sensors, cloud-based services, applications, device management and maintenance. Solutions rely on proper device platforms, which can be customized easily according to industry specific requirements and user needs. Secured data transfer between services and devices is ensured by Teksun

We could be your technology experts if you’re in quest to expand you IoT solution to add security, to add more products, to work with other solutions by the cloud to cloud interactions.

At Teksun we develop IoT and wearable solutions that work with your current assets, devices and systems.

Our web applications and user-friendly mobile applications are created to manage easily the widespread systems of connected devices.

Our approach is woven around the concepts of IoT and Wearable technology ecosystem which provide importance to the creation of asset value. It resolves around effective management and collaboration for connecting processes, devices, data, sensors and people.

IoT & Wearable Devices

Our Offerings

IoT Smart Gateways

IoT Modules (RF, zWave, WiFi, XeeBee)

Smart IoT Home Automation

Smart Asset Tracking

Fitness Trackers

Wearable Watches

AR Wearable

Smart Glasses

Android Wear

Pebble Watch

We create innovative solutions that enable people anywhere to access and use technology in fast reliable and cost-effective methods. Contact us to know more about capabilities.