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Machine learning algorithms allow computers to perform without being programmed explicitly, but human intelligence is essential to structure the algorithm data training. Teksun flawlessly provides the machine learning power with advanced analytics in its premium solutions.

Our safe, managed personnel calculates, classifies, and explains data to enhance current algorithm and start ground accuracy for new algorithms and and to solve complex business issues with machine learning.

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Teksun going beyond business intelligence using machine learning to assist our clients to accomplish customer understanding and business insights. Our team of data scientist work with subject matter experts and use machine learning algorithms to generate predictive models that give value add to our clients by identifying potentially new revenue channels, giving cost savings, retaining employees/customers and optimizing business procedure.

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Why Choose us for Machine Learning?

Teksun uses machine learning methods to detect patterns and anomalies that can boost investigations and intelligence detection. This use-case, pre-built kind of machine learning assist outlines and spot trends and can eliminate the “noise” created by the huge number of events in your data. Teksun offers the machine learning solutions with advanced analytics in its superior way.

We at Teksun uses the open source and powerful Machine Learning Framework. Start building new innovative application rapidly through our highly accurate and robust algorithms.

We offer a common interface across all the classifieds as we using REST & JSON technologies. Also, has a brief documentation and offers samples code to help your development.

Teksun removes the time consuming and complex process of designing and training Machine Learning models. Our services provide you access to classifiers which can be used directly in your software.

Teksun platform covers around 25 commonly used machine learning algorithms which can be directly applied to your data for identity, alerting or analysis, all without ever leaving the Teksun Platform.

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Teksun provides a powerful open source Machine Learning Framework written in Java. Find out today its large collection of models, algorithms, tools and statistical test. Feel free to Contact us today