Teksun’s Annual General Meeting 2016-17 held at AMA

Life at Teksun

Teksun Group of Companies celebrated its 2nd Annual General Meeting with huge frolic and pomp at Ahmedabad Management Association on 01/04/17. Ahmedabad Management Association is home to an expensive place, a meeting hall shaped like a durian. Expert’s motivational talks, CEO, COO and CFO speech, food, fun talk and there was a brimming abundance of everything good.

The Grand Event started at 2 P. M. with anchoring and International Anthem Song of Teksun (Theme song). Dressed in very professional attire handsome men and elegant ladies thronged the event. This glorious event was a canopy of mirth, filled with giggles and smiles.

It was fantastic to have all delegates present during an overview of every division’s presentation highlights. Our CEO Mr. Brijesh Kamani share his future plans for next 5-10 years and how we can expand our business globally.

Our COO Mr. Adarsh Parikh share the policy for the year 2017-18 and the success story of Teksun Group of companies. And he also shares his plans around employee immense growth opportunity. CFO of Teksun Group of companies share his experience on how we develop our business from the inception of the business.

The best part about the entire event was the high profile delegates who motivates and inspires the Teksun personnel with real life scenario. The passion with which Tektmates had participated and the efforts they had put into making this event a complete motivational formula was rather praise-worthy. Our personnel showed such elaborately perfect presentations; we find it helpful.

Apart from this, appreciation are also given to all the employees in form of Core Value Certificates for Excellence in Commitment, Fire Fighter, Customer Satisfaction, Best Communicator, Excellent Contributor, High Ethics and Morals, Best Attendance, Trophies of Employee of the year 2016-17 for Best Revenue Generator, Loyalty & Commitment, Rockstar Rookie, Best Team, Out of Box Thinker and cash prizes for Bronze 1(Man of Project), Bronze 2 (Man of Embedded), Sliver (Man of Administration) Gold (Man of Accounts) and Platinum (Man of Revenue)

The event was concluded with again International Anthem Song of Teksun (Theme song) around 8 P.M. followed by delicious dinner.

Annual General Meeting was an event that we would cherish in the years to come. We look forward eagerly to 1 April 2018, when we would enjoy another bash of enthusiasm, motivation and happiness.