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TEKT Tracking Solution- A Tinniest Tracking Device for Lost Valuable Items


A measurable study of my life would tell that I spend whole three days a year finding for lost valuable items. If I’m not looking for my wallet, it’s my keys, glasses or my work ID.

Where hoaxes for the forgetful fail me, thank God to IoT (Internet of things). It is technology which ensures I never lose anything again. For example, objects get low-powered wireless chips, they’ll be in constant communication with each other through an application.

Recently, I tested TEKT that attach to my keychain, wallet, glasses, work ID and paired it with my smartphone so I can keep tabs on them. Definitely, that means I better not lose my belongings. Let’s see in brief about TEKT.

What is TEKT?

TEKT is tracking solution, a small sized device that is particularly designed to be attached to your valuables belongings. After attaching the TEKT devices to your items, you can use the TEKT tracker app to locate your misplaced things in fewer seconds. When a thing goes missing, the TEKT app records that belongings last known the location on a map within 100 feet of that device. This small size device features an adhesive backing that enables it to be attached to valuable belongings. The TEKT Tracker app is available for Android Phone.

Features of TEKT

  •   Now you can have stress free life, without worrying about your valuable belonging. You just have to attach TEKT with all belongings and the rest of the things will take care by the web app.

  •  TEKT is a helpful tool to find the destination. It is Beacon, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technology in a way to make it a best and most useful experience for a user.

  •  TEKT provides a user friendly app for Android Smartphones. In real time with few touches, with the app a user to locate lost items and track objects. It is built with security features to give you authorize access.

  •  This tracking solution is very affordable as compared to other tracking product. It makes sure the satisfactory experience for user with technical and installation support.

Teksun’s TEKT real tracking solution cost less than $20, are easy to set up and smaller enough than a poker chip, so they don’t really get in the way. It works better as compared to other solutions in particular situations or locations. TEKT can leverage a community of users to find out for lost valuable items with its TEKT app. To know more about TEKT tracking solution or to buy this product you can visit @

I suggest using TEKT Tracking solution as the way they can save me from wasting time in my daily frenzy, they seem worth the nominal investment.