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The Next-Gen IoT Solutions: Edge Computing and Processing


Since past few years, IoT solutions have been growing continuously and have opened up a new approach for improvement. Now sensors and IoT devices required to develop and become smarter, which needs faster computer processing on the edge. Let see how Edge computing is helpful in creating better IoT solutions.

In edge computing, controllers, sensors, and other connected devices collect and analyze IoT data themselves or transfer it to a nearby computing device such as a laptop or server for analysis. When this analysis and data processing happens at the edge of a network as opposing to a cloud and data center, the data can be analyzed immediately and put into action.

Sometimes mistakenly Edge computing is called Fog computing, but both are different. In fog computing, single centralized computing device processes data from multiple end points in an edge computing or network; each device in a network plays its key role in processing data.

Edge computing works at the fleet, individual device or plant level. Below are its benefits :

  • Lower Operating Costs 

Lower operating costs because of the data management expenses and smaller operational of local devices vs clouds and data centers

  • Real-time or near real-time data analysis                        

Real-time or near real-time data analysis as the data is analyzed at the level of a local device, not in a cloud or distant data center.

  • Enhanced Application Performance     

Enhanced application performance because the apps that don’t endure latency can obtain lower latency levels on the edge as conflicting to a data center and far away from the cloud.

Thanks to these benefits, many experts expect computing to become a mainstream technology during the next five to 10 years.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors are engineered and embedded to suit the needs for IoT solutions. As a leading mobile computing technology, Snapdragon processors are making devices more connected, aware, intelligent and interactive.

The Snapdragon processor platform is perfect for “IoT” use cases in smart homes, digital media players, smart surveillance, industrial automation and home appliances are it Interactive kiosks, Robotics, Digital Signage, Robotics or High-tech toys. The snapdragon processor integrates a custom CPU, GPU, and DSP for ultra-low power, high-power applications and everything in between.

The ability for less restricted networks, faster turnaround and enhanced security is the reason that edge computing may be the built-in key to the IoT. For more information on Edge computing and IoT, please contact our team today!

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