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Top Tools to Improve Work Productivity


Our level productivity is one of the best ways we can push our business towards success. There are lots of tools which we can use to improve our productivity, save time and boost our business. You basically identify and understand the values and importance of tools. Apart from this, you require investing in tools which can assist you to optimize, automate and enhance every feature of your business from marketing, sales to customers and employees. These tools can be listed under sales, marketing, data visualization, customer support. Project management, social, productivity, and learning.

Below is the list of the tools:

Google Apps – The inevitable!


– Best when it comes to email. User intuitive, Seamless and Fast. Gmail for business is one quality and performs without a fault.


– Google sheets are a breeze for people who are good at formulas and number. To make an expense chart or a quick quote or to project your company finance structure and the employee salary information, sheets could definitely be your best


– Generally we use docs to create one-page proposals for our projects. Collaboration & accessibility are the brownie points that Google docs earn from its users. Whether it’s your laptop or smart phone, these features stand out.

AWS – The Top-Quality in the Business!

AWS rapidly scaled our offering and decreased run times. Clients will be super happy. Building business using AWS has been a pleasing experience and improved our productivity too. Also, it assists us to adhere to data-security standards and provide us a robust platform that is trusted by business customers and partners.

Flock – The name itself says!!

Things get confused up when people interact with you using various platforms. Flock makes things simpler, it assisted our team to be more communicative and productive at one place. With major medium for different projects or departments, it assisted us to handle things remotely. It provides you to place documents and kick-start things faster.

Stickies – Small but very useful in productivity!

Stickies notes are not like animated dancing figures but make difference in productivity just plain text as you know. Once created they will stay on screen until you delete it. It’s one of the easiest ways to remember all your task, this ensures you have many things to be done. If you have a sticky with a reminder, then perfect!

Canva – Design like a pro!

Design your company’s event images, social media posts with Canva. You don’t have to design expertise. Also, they have a list of free images, templates, and fonts which you can use. You can also upload your own images to generate designs.

Skype – Needs no intro!

This is a no brainer. Yes, we use Skype to have clients conversation in chat, video call or an audio call. Skype is a must when you communicate with clients/prospects especially for foreign clients considering the exorbitant call rates.

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